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Open Workshops

Building Capacity for Peer-Led Groups

As the only organization in BC devoted exclusively to capacity-development and training for peer support and peer-led groups, PeerNetBC seeks to facilitate the growth and sustainability of diverse peer support and peer-led groups throughout the province, as well as provide peer-related resources to British Columbians. We do not see ourselves as experts who come into communities with predetermined outcomes; rather, we work with our partners to address issues that have been raised from within their own communities. PeerNetBC strives to increase the capacity of individuals, support groups, peer-led groups, and community-based organizations to identify and address issues, and to use their own knowledge and resources to find solutions.

We develop customized workshops on an ongoing basis for community groups and organizations, and also offer open workshops.

Our Open Registration Workshops

Hosted by PeerNetBC, these programs are open to everyone and offer participants a great opportunity to learn and network with people from various community groups and organizations. Please see the Upcoming Workshops page for a list of current offerings and the sections below for registration and cancellation policies.

Registering for an Open Workshop

To register for an open workshop, visit our Upcoming Workshops page. You can complete your registration there without having to pay online. At the end of the registration process, the page will review your options, including how much to pay and the method of payment (online, by mail, in person).

Open Workshop Cancellation Policy

We know that unexpected circumstances sometimes arise and people may need to withdraw from participation in PeerNetBC workshops.

90% of a workshop registration fee will be refunded if a formal request is made to PeerNetBC at least sixteen days prior to the start of the workshop.For example, if the workshop is on Saturday, March 31st, then a request to withdraw needs to be submitted to PeerNetBC by Thursday, March 15th.

50% of a workshop registration fee will be refunded if a formal request is made to PeerNetBC three working days prior to the start of the workshop; for example, submitted to PeerNetBC on Wednesday for a Saturday workshop.

Full refunds will be issued if PeerNetBC cancels a workshop.