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How to Use this Site

Whether you’re already a member of a peer-led group, or thinking of joining or starting one, you’ll find many resources on this site. We’ve categorized them in several ways, to help you find the information you need. You can also search for articles using the Search feature, which can be found on the sidebar of every page (except the home page).

Area of Focus

First, articles are categorized by the area of focus: youth, community or health. To see the articles pertaining to your area, just click one of the icons below, or use the options in the Areas menu. At the top of each article, you’ll see one or more icons showing which area(s) that article fits under.


Subject Matter

Articles are also categorized into the following subjects, which can be accessed under the Resources menu.

  • Community Development and Capacity Building
  • Peer Support Basics
  • Facilitator’s Role
  • Youth Engagement
  • Group Dynamics
  • Additional Resources

Stepping Stones

Articles and workshop topics are also categorized into different developmental stages. We like to think of these as “stepping stones”. At the top of each post, you’ll see the placement of the stepping stone for that article or workshop topic. You can access the stepping stones under the Stages menu.

  • Contemplation: The group is not yet formed, but someone is thinking about getting one started. The individual is thinking about joining a group.
  • Preparation: The group is not yet in place, but someone is preparing to start it. The individual is preparing to join a group.
  • Skills Development: The group is active and members are developing their skills in order to improve the effectiveness of the group. The individual is developing skills.
  • Ongoing: The group is sustainable and ongoing. The individual is participating in an ongoing way.
  • Networking: The group is performing with a high level of effectiveness and is networking with other groups.

Individuals and Groups

Many of our articles are applicable to both peer-led groups as a whole and individuals who are (or are considering becoming) members of a group. You can use the links below if you wish to read only one type of article.

Articles for Individuals

Articles for Groups